-In addition to the Enrollment forms, we also have a parent contract that lists all of the policies and procedures of the daycare.  This can be picked up in person when stopping in for a tour or when dropping off your enrollment packet.

*Food Program Paperwork:

-As part of the Federal Food Program, we offer a wide variety of meals to meet the nutritional needs of our children.  All meals  and snacks meet the CACFP standards and requirements. With your enrollment packet, please also print a copy of our Food Program Enrollment form and the Food program Income Application. Complete these documents and return with your Bright Beginnings Enrollment Form.

*Modified Meal Form
-If your child has food allergies, please complete the Medical referral Form for Modified Meals.  Send this to your pediatrician or doctor's office and have them complete the form and return it to us either by fax or mail.

-We are unable to distribute medicine to your child without your written approval and instruction prior to you dropping them off at the daycare.  A new slip must be filled out each day that your child is taking the medication.  For your convenience, you may print the form here and bring it with you already completed. 

*Parent Handbook